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Bowl Expo has just announced the new Hammer Emeral Vibe

Just saw the latest post at and the latest releases. The Hammer Vibe Emerald is the latest “Entry Level” Bowling Ball.

The terms Entry Level, Mid Performance, High Performance, and all the others are just not useful anymore. There are plenty of good bowlers that need and should use Entry Level, and many beginners that can easily use High Performance bowling balls.


Brian Halstrom Bowls a Perfect Game

My team mate Brian Halstrom just shot a perfect 300 bowling game on 5/8/2008 at Deltona Lanes. He was using his Storm Street Rod to accomplish the feat. on Twitter has join twitter. Checkout their blog at blog.


Brunswick Twisted Fury

One of the latest bowling balls that I have added to my arsenal is the Brunswick Twisted Fury. This ball is great for me as I get into the 2nd/3rd game. It has a very strong reaction in the backends, so it is great for people that like to see their ball go long and snap hook in the back.

It’s shiny surface helps the ball to skid further down the lane while holding much of its energy. What an amazing addition.


Brunswick Ultra Zone

I have added the Brunswick Ultra Zone to my bowling arsenal. This ball works great for me during the first game or two in fresh lane oil.

The Brunswick Ultra Zone has a midlane reaction which causes it to need a little more oil. As the lane dries out, it will end hooking too much.

This ball will probably stay in my bag for quite awhile. Surprisingly, I like this better than the Hammer Black Widow which was my favorite bowling ball during the summer of 2007.

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