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Internet Explorer (IE) javascript error using jquery

I was receiving an error in IE (”Object doesn’t support this property or method”) from javascript that was working flawlessly in Firefox and Chrome.  It drove me crazy, as I did web searches, and debugging to figure out the cause of this.

I probably spent a full hour tracking this down, asking for help on Twitter, etc…  Before anyone had the chance to respond, I figured it out.  IE Sucks….  had to be the answer.

Actually, I didn’t “Declare” a couple of my variables ahead of time.

handOrientation = $(’input[@name=handOrientation]:checked’).val();  //gives the above error

var handOrientation = $(’input[@name=handOrientation]:checked’).val();  // does not

var handOrientation = ”;
handOrientation = $(’input[@name=handOrientation]:checked’).val();  // This also works.

Sometimes loose standards are nice, other times they are a pain (cross browser support, being the biggest pain).


Mapped Network Drive: An unexpected network error has occurred.

Do you ever click on a mapped drive and receive the error “An unexpected network error has occurred?”  It’s an annoying little error and very vague.  It lead me to believe that there was an error between a PC and a server.  After some research and trying different things, I found the problem to be on the machine that was giving the error in the first place. 

To resolve the error, all I had to do was disconnect the mapped driver letter.  Wait a few seconds, and then remap it.  Everything worked like a charm.

System Administration can be annoying sometimes.

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