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Are You Ready For an Mac? You Should Be Now.

MacTipsDaily just tipped me off to a very funny new commercial from Mac. With any mac purchase, Apple will have one of it’s “Apple Genius’” move all your files from your old PC to your new shiny Mac. What are you waiting for?


TubeMogul is a Video Delivery Service

TubeMogul has been defined as the FriendFeed for video.

I have just tried the service out and think that it is great so far. Give me a few days to really get under the hood.

First you upload to only one service, TubeMogul. From there, you launch the video to multiple video services like (YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Revver, etc…) If you really want to get your videos out into the wild, then you have no excuse anymore.

Let me know if you have used this service, or if there others like it.

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